Depending on your experience, you can be dropped on our machines after a possible re-training and a test carried out by one of our instructors. This test has specific criteria, quite close to the PPL level. This is to ensure that you will fly safely on our machines, and also ensures that pilots flying on Avialpes are at the “Avialpes standard”.

Our fleet of aircraft



Tecnam P2008: latest generation aircraft, carbon fuselage and metal wings. Its performance and flying qualities make it very safe and enjoyable to fly. Its screens (glass cockpit) and slender profile make it a very modern aircraft. Equipped with a 100hp Rotax engine, it is one of the quietest and most fuel-efficient aircraft on the market.

2 DR400

2 DR400

Equipped with a 180hp engine, the DR400 Régent is the most versatile: ideal for mountain flying, with its panoramic canopy, and its good performance, he is also very pleasant for trip flight.

1 CESSNA 182T G1000

1 CESSNA 182T G1000

"Certified IFR plane" and equipped with a very recent avionics, the Cessna 182 is really a pleasant plane, fast, easy to travel with family, with no problem of taking away! The autopilot, its powerful engine and its flying qualities make it a very safe aircraft.



Avialpes is the first french private company to offer more environmentally friendly flights.

The Velis Electro is a single-engined aircraft powered entirely by electricity. It is powered by two powerful batteries providing an endurance of 50 minutes.

1 TECNAM P2006 G1000

1 TECNAM P2006 G1000

Le Tecnam P2006T est un avion moderne équipé de : 2 moteurs à piston avec hélices à pas variable, d'une avionique Garmin G1000 et d'un train d'atterrissage rétractable.

With its efficient aerodynamic profile, fly the quietest and most environmentally friendly twin-engine school in its class!  Pedagogically very demonstrative and fast, the Tecnam P2006 will also seduce you by its cost, among the cheapest of the market.

Get on board this new aircraft and become a professional pilot or take your IRME with Avialpes!

1 Simulator ALSIM AL250

1 Simulator ALSIM AL250

FNPT II certified, the AL250 simulator is an indispensable tool for quality training. Available for rent, it allows you to train at a very reasonable cost.

We have developed the Annecy environment down to the last detail. Get on board as if you were leaving the Avialpes premises and from the very first minutes you will be convinced that you are in real flight!

Modeling 6 aircraft, from single-engine to twin-engine EFIS, practice both runway laps and RNP approaches, day, night, with all possible weather conditions.

Our simulator is FNPT II certified by the EASA and AATD certified by the FAA allowing you to count your hours as a normal flight.

  • Rental aircraft

    Simulateur SEP simple certifié

    Tecnam P2008 JC Garmin G3X

    DR400-180 Régent

    Simulateur SEP complexe / MEP certifié

    Cessna C182T G1000

    Velis Electro

    Tecnam P2006 G1000

  • Rates








These prices include the "turnkey" service:

Aircraft prepared

Refueling carried out



The fuel

Aircraft and Pilot Insurance

Regular pilot

The payment of an annual sum of 250 € gives access to the «Regular Pilot» tariff:

Access to Avialpes online tools (planning, aircraft documents, etc.)

As well as access to flight preparation equipment in the new offices of Avialpes (computer, printer, WIFI, etc.).

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