Avialpes, a company offering sightseeing flights in the Alps, obtained its approval to become a flight school in May 2014. Thanks to our ATO (Approved Training Organization) accreditation and the professional involvement of our instructors, you will find very high quality training courses. Avialpes flight school is not an aeroclub but a private company.

All of our training courses can be taught in French or in English

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  • Professional and experienced flight instructors
    Professional and experienced flight instructors
  • New aircraft and infrastructure for total safety
    New aircraft and infrastructure for total safety
  • Simplified online reservation system
    Simplified online reservation system
  • Certified flight school ATO (Approved Training Organization)
    Certified flight school ATO (Approved Training Organization)

Discover our training courses



Make your dream come true with Avialpes and become a pilot.

With professional instructors, Avialpes offers a very high quality private pilot training.

Avialpes Flight School (FR.ATO.0136) is open 7 days a week, with an approval that guarantees the rigoursness of the training, allowing you to train according to your needs. Our pilots take between 3 months (intensive training) and 1.5 years to obtain their license.
Alternating theoretical training, flight simulator and flight lessons, your progression will be very efficient.
It will take about 100h of online training, 40h of ground training, and approximately 50h of flight hours.

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CB-IR / BIR Training : next course : 4th to 6th November 2024

CB-IR / BIR Training : next course : 4th to 6th November 2024

After obtaining the LAPL or the PPL, only VFR flights are allowed, therefore, PPL holders can upgrade to the IFR rating. The big advantage of IFR is to be able to fly even in bad weather conditions! Since March 2018, Avialpes can train you to obtain your IFR qualification!

Avialpes also offers a one day IR PBN training, with 2 flight hours on our FNPT II simulator. Price : 800€ TTC 

Do you already have any IFR experience? In France or elsewhere?

Competency-based training (CB-IR) is for you. After a simulator flight or an aircraft flight entry test, we will adapt the program to customize your training based on your credentials.

The advantages: a lower cost training and a program perfectly adapted to your level, and a light theory course.

Complete your Instrument Flight (IR) training at Avialpes. With a registered training program, a certified simulator of the latest generation certified FAA and EASA (ALSIM AL250) as well as a recent Cessna C182 with today’s avionics (Garmin G1000), Avialpes offers a very high quality training.

Theory training CB-IR/BIR : 1999 € TTC

Open 7/7, choose your own training rhythm. Our professional instructors, also taking part in business or airline aviation, are at your disposal.

IR Training Program:

  • 35h flight time on the simulator
  • 15h flight time on Cessna C182T G1000
  • 40h ground instruction


"Become an airline pilot thanks to Avialpes"

ATPL/CPL/IR: Next course: 4th to 20th November 2024 -  theoric ATPL: 2nd week

ATPL/CPL/IR: Next course: 4th to 20th November 2024 - theoric ATPL: 2nd week

Avialpes offers you a theoretical ATPL training through e-learning, with an initial training course taught in Annecy, on our premises at Annecy airport. ATPL stands for Airline Transport Pilot Licence. The mock exams will take part online after sufficient experience.

In partnership with Mermoz Institute, take advantage of the expertise of 2 complementary ATOs for an insightful and high quality ATPL training. Taught in English as well as in French, the theoretical airline pilot training is divided into :

  • 1 initial training period of 2 weeks within the Avialpes headquarters at Annecy airport.
  • Study of 14 course books as paper books or a digital version, in collaboration with the ENAC
  • Study of educational resources
  • The completion of 65 assignments and tests on Mermoz teaching platform
  • A bank of MCQs allowing trainees to practice under the conditions of the exam.

Price of the training including the Mermoz/ENAC books in digital : from 3790€ TTC.

(Training eligible for CPF)




Pass your CPL in Haute Savoie.

Avialpes started teaching Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training in September 2020.

With modern aircrafts, a last generation simulator, a very safety oriented program and the closest to the expectations of the major European companies, Avialpes will meet your expectations.

Why go to the other end of France or Europe when in Annecy, in the middle of a demanding environment in terms of aeronautics, with a school open 7 days a week, and at a very attractive rate, you can adapt your training rhythm as close as possible to your home.

Take your CPL in Haute Savoie, in the heart of the Alps.

Also available in English.



With modern and demonstrative aircraft, come and extend, renew or obtain your single or twin-engine class rating at Avialpes. Whether your license is French, Swiss, English or European, we offer our SEP/MEP trainings on a program perfectly adapted to your constraints and in all simplicity. 

Enjoy the latest generation of aircraft, equipped with EFIS instrumentation.



 A mandatory part of airline pilot training, IR/ME training combines the skills of instrument flight with those of multi-engine aircraft.

This training can be conducted following an IR/SE and an MEP, or directly following an MEP.  Note that passing the IR/ME exam also confers IR/SE privileges.


Anglais Aéro FCL1.055

Anglais Aéro FCL1.055

UPRT / advanced UPRT

UPRT / advanced UPRT

Essential for a quality training, the UPRT (Upset Recovery Training) is proposed by Avialpes on its PPL and CPL training on a Cap 10.

The Advanced UPRT is possible on Extra 330 and Cap 10.

Asymmetric stall, spin, exit from a nose up / nose down position or from the back position, come and learn the essential reflexes to recover from an exit from the flight envelope.

The trainers are former pilots of the Patrouille de France, or former aerobatic champions, but also airline pilots for the Advanced UPRT part.


Starting from 2090€ TTC.

Instructors training : FI / CRI / IRI

Instructors training : FI / CRI / IRI

Avialpes gives out lessons to instructors year-round.

Our FI(A) takes place over 5 to 6 weeks, and includes many ground lessons, briefings, and of course flights on our Tecnam P2008 and Robin DR400 aircrafts.

Over instructor ratings are possible such as CRI, IRI...

Fly safely

Fly safely

You will fly on a new aircraft, of the latest generation, whose maintenance will be carried out by our aeronautical maintenance workshop MECAVIALPES, guaranteeing you a high level of safety. Whether its during your flight training or renting the aircraft, after a welcome and a personalized briefing, you will always find your plane ready for departure on the tarmac. The plane will be taken out of the hangar, fueled and cleaned by us allowing you to devote yourself fully to your flight.
We are located at Annecy Mont Blanc Haute Savoie airport, 30 minutes from Geneva and Bellegarde, 20 minutes from Annemasse.

  • Night VFR Flight Rating
    Night VFR Flight Rating

    About 5 hours of training is necessary to obtzin the night rating, and be able to fly anywhere in France.

  • Pilot certificate for particular airports
    Pilot certificate for particular airports

    Megève, Courchevel, L'Alpe d'Huez

    About 3 to 5 hours flight time per site

  • English Phraseology Training FCL1.055 VFR
    English Phraseology Training FCL1.055 VFR

    In the form of an intensive course and/or evening course. Approximately 30h.

    Possible test at the end.

100% success rate for the year 2022 for CPL / IR / Advanced UPRT / Instructors (38 trainees)

Pinch hitter training

You are not a pilot but you often accompany a pilot in flight, this internship will allow you to better understand the pilot’s environment and will teach you to bring the aircraft back to the ground safely in case of a medical problem of the pilot, for example.

Tarifs Location Avion

Simulateur SEP simple certifié
Tecnam P2008 JC Garmin G3X
DR400-180 Régent
Simulateur SEP complexe / MEP certifié
Cessna C182T G1000
DA42 G1000
DA62 G1000

Tarifs Instruction

ground training LAPL/PPL
flight instruction LAPL/PPL
Ground training night vfr
ground training/flight IR-CPL-MEP
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